Digitizing an Underground Network

SmallworldTM Electric Office User - Instructional Videos

In this video, we'll show you how to digitize an underground network.

Overhead Network

SmallworldTM Electric Office User - On demand Training

Learn how to design, create, and install all overhead conductors, assets, and installations in SmallworldTM Electric Office .

250,00 USD

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Smallworld 5 Upgrade

The course upgrade to Smallworld 5 allow the student to know the news of this new version and specifically from the point of view of the user, administrator and developer.

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If you'd rather have an on-site education, where to share and learn  in an efficient and versatile manner, adapted to your own needs, here you will find the selection of our courses that are perfect for you, along with where, and when they'll be imparted in the coming months. Make your reservation, and start planning your formation.


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For when you feel that you've had enough learning, and are ready to start doing, we've incorporated lab sessions into our formative resources so that you get the most of your acquired knowledge,in which we will provide you with all the necessary tools for their completion, and access to the work environments. Supervised by a tutor, and supplied with all the necessary documentation, your knowledge and progress will experience leaps and bounds.


Oriented towards organizations that need to form a relevant number of professionals, this solution offers the advantages of reducing costs of formation, being adaptable to the academic needs of the group, and the capacity to execute it as a function of the time required by you. Contact our consultors, and they'll help you understand how Smallworld Training Center can help you.


Take our courses and labs and you will be ready to take the GE's Certification Exam.
The objective of SmallworldTM GE Digital Energy Certification is guaranteeing that your professionals have the latest updated knowledge at their disposal and that they develop the skills and professional credibility necessary to address any challenge within their competence area.
To know what courses drives you to take the exam (see +)
For certification in... You will need to take Assessments...
Core Smallworld
  • Application Development +
  • Magik Programming +
  • Administration followed by either,
  • Data Modelling,
  • Configuration
CDesign Managertr
  • Core Smallworld +
  • Design Manager User & Admin
Smallworld Internet application Server
  • Core Smallworld +
  • SAIS Administration +
  • SAIS Developer
GeoSpatial Server
  • GeoSpatial Server Administration
  • GeoSpatial Server Development
Physical Network Inventory
  • Core Smallworld +
  • Logical NI User +
  • Logical NI Configuration
Electric Office
  • Core Smallworld +
  • Electric Office User +
  • Electric Office Admin
Gas Distribution Office
  • Core Smallworld +
  • Gas Transmission Office User +
  • Gas Transmission Office Admin
MapFrame Mobile Solutions
  • MapFrame Configuration
Field Force automation
  • Field Force Automation User and Config

Table 1: Knowledge Assessments that need to be taken to gain certification in various products

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