Smallworld 5 Upgrade

The course upgrade to Smallworld 5 allow the student to know the news of this new version and specifically from the point of view of the user, administrator and developer. We also show how to migrate a project to Smallworld 5.

Who Should Attend?

  • Smallworld System Administrators
  • Smallworld System Configurators
  • Smallworld System Developers


  • Smallworld Core Spatial Technology App Development, or equivalent practical experience of using Smallworld software
  • Practical experience of administration tasks

Course Duration

4 Days  X  4 Hours

Course Objectives

  • Installing Smallworld 5
  • Know changes made in the new version
  • Know the structure of the new product
  • Migration process an application
  • Optimized system boot
  • Installation and use the new development environment MDT
  • Compiling and adding new codes / modules
  • Smallworld Interface Toolkit

Course Agenda

  • New in Smallworld 5
  • Installation and configuration product
  • User profile
    • New Interface
    • Printing PDF
    • New aid
    • Using Google Maps
    • Desktop viewer
  • Administrator profile
    • Product Architecture
    • System boot process
    • MDT Administrator Edition
  • Developer Profile
    • MDT Professional Edition
    • Compiling sources
    • Upgrade process an application
    • Startup session optimization
    • SWIF
  • Conclusions

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