Network Inventory Products Suite

The products that compose the Network Inventory Suite pack are those that ease the development of the telecomunication projects.

These products, besides a data model adapted to the needs of the business, include a set of tools that facilitate the typical operations in each kind of network, as well as the tools common to many of the Smallworld products, such as project management, quality control, and task manager.

All of these functionalities are placed within the user's reach, with different formative styles available, which are tailored to the profiles that may exist in Smallworld.

Network Inventory

Bearer Manager Administration

The Smallworld Bearer Management 4.1.2 System Administration Course teaches System Administrators how to install, configure, customise and validate Bearer Management.

Network Inventory

Bearer Manager User

Bearer Management 4.1.2 User Training introduces the functionality of Bearer Management: route builder, consolidation, reservation and diversity checking

Network Inventory

FTTH: User & Configuration

The Smallworld FTTH 4.3 User & Configuration Training course provides a general overview of various parts of Smallworld FTTH functionality and its configuration.

Network Inventory

Logical Network Inventory

How to use Logical Network Inventory to create a logical model of a telecommunications network and how to route logical circuits over the given facilities.

Network Inventory

Network Inventory Gateway (NIG)

The Network Inventory Gateway Physical Browser training course illustrates all user aspects of the web interface to Physical Network Inventory.

Network Inventory

Physical Network Inventory

Includes  the  following four  modules:  Introducing  Physical  Network Inventory; Cable Routing; Rack Mounted Equipment; Fibre Optics. Some additional modules  are also available for coaxial cable, copper cable and the line of count mechanism. The introduction provides a general overview of PNI functionality.