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How to learn in Ibertech Training Center for SmallworldTM


Which type of formation do I need?
We have a wide variety of formation offers, from the direct and personalized attention of an on-site classroom, to the versatility and commodity of schedule achieved with on-demand classes, including midway options, such as our live classes offered through the web platform, producing the effect of an on-site classroom, and a formative experience more than satisfactory.
The ideal method to achieve the capacity to use each product, in specific personnel profiles, is to follow the formative route that best suits your needs from among the ones that we place at your disposal. Selecting  the courses included into each of these routes, the student makes sure to acquire all the knowledge necessary to face the challenge of certification, and the problems that they'll have to face day to day.
Which of our formative styles better suits your needs?

We have at your disposal a wide variety of course types, based on the following resources:
- On site classrooms
- Live virtual classes
- On demand classes
- Instructional videos
- Practical lab sessions
- Blog
- Knowledge
One of our teaching staff will travel to the proposed installations, and impart his knowledge on site, and therefore avoiding communication problems, and providing a direct and personal attention to the students. This option is for you, if you're searching for personalized attention.
Through the WebEx Enterprise platform, leader in long-distance formation, one of our teaching staff will impart classes using the most advanced didactical resources, such as live presentations, complete and total student participation, evaluations, laboratory access, and more, with the added advantage that all classes are recorded, so that the student can watch it again, should they need to.
If you want a very specific formation, and the time or displacement becomes a handicap, the On Demand classes are the solution to your problems.
Classes based on audiovisual material, supported by autoevaluation tests, with access to lab sessions, all of it with the asynchronous help of a personal tutor. If you're looking to expand your knowledge at your own rhythm, in the order you want, and seeing only the matters that interest you, this is the option you've been looking for.
Instructional videos are short videos, no longer than 15 minutes, which show, in a concise and clear manner, how to perform some of the aspects of the day to day use of the system.
Practical lab sessions are the area of the formative platform where the student is given access to a Smallworld environment, completely configured according to the course they're performing. In this environment, a number of exercises will be proposed, which will be personally graded by a specialized tutor, who will also resolve any doubts the student may have, both during, and after the session.
In our blog, you'll find technical articles about the use of the different Smallworld products, and in it, you'll find a way in which the student can add their own input to this documentation, by posting their doubts, which one of our specialized teaching staff will promptly answer.
Here, you will find a collection of official documentation for each of the Smallworld products, with easy and comfortable access.
The minimum technical requirements to be able to optimally perform out courses aren't very demanding. We can divide our formative resources into three blocks.
WebEx Session for Live Courses: You'll need a broadband internet connection and a web explorer. You can find more information about versions and platforms in the official WebEx website, in the following link
On Demand Courses: You'll need a broadband internet connection, and a web explorer that supports MP4 format videos.
Lab Practices: You'll need a broadbad internet connection, a web explorer, and to install the plugin that allows you access to our servers
In any case, you'll need to have the WebEx plugin installed the first time you access the work environment.
Te start a WebEx session in a Live Course, or a Lab Session, first you must download, install and configure the plugin “WebEx Training Manager”. The first time you log in, the Plugin will be automatically downloaded and installed. However, the you can download the plugin manually from the following links. To install it, you need to have Administrator priviledges in your system.
Activating the Complement (Chrome & Firefox only)
Follow these steps to activate the WebEx complement, and be capable of joining WebEx sessions:
Chrome (Windows & Mac)**
  • Select the link you wish to Join, the one that appears in your email invitation, or select Join in your meeting list or the WebEx meeting site. 
  • If you haven't already installed the Cisco WebEx software, do so now.
  • If you've already installed the WebEx Software, you'll see the option to Join the meeting. Select the option to always execute in this page, and the meeting will begin. See the following image.

Firefox (Windows, Mac & Linux)**
  • Select the link you wish to Join, the one that appears in your email invitation, or select Join in your meeting list or the WebEx meeting site. 
  • If you haven't already installed the Cisco WebEx software, do so now.
  • If the WebEx software has been installed, you'll see in the page the option to Join the Meeting with a small icon near the address bar, which will allow you to activate the WebEx Complement. See the image bellow to obtain instructions on how to activate it.
Initiating a WebEx session is quite easy. After your purchase, you'll recieve an email with the different dates of your classes, and an access link for each one of them. Before each session, you'll recieve a reminder, and at any momento, you can access those links fromthe calendar in your personal area on our site.
These links lead to a page where you'll find information about the session, as well as button that indicates you can join when the session starts by clicking on it, if the session hasn't started, or simply say "Join" starting half an hour before the class begins. The access key is encrypted directly in your link. For more information, go to
To be completely sure this works on your pc, we recommend you perform a test in the following link
NOTE: Access to the test link requires the instalation of the WebEx plugin.
Multimedia Exchange
Your instructors can share their PowerPoint, documents, videos, software demonstrations, Blackboards and Flash animations with you, besides assigning annotation priviledges and participant exchanges to foment inclusion.
High Quality videos, Integrated Audios, Phone and Internet Conferences
The instructors can see up to six participants at once in high quality and in fullscreen. The innovative Active Speaker function allows the instructors and other presenters to see who is talking at any given moment. All participants recieve a clear and interference-free audio, whether they're using their phone, or the Internet, and can join the conference through callback or direct call using a pay number, or a free number.
Group Sessions
Instructors can assign, either manually or automatically, participants to different "Work Rooms" to perform group projects, share ideas and, following that, enter group sessions to evaluate pregress and create debates. In these groups, assistants can share presentations, documents, blackboards and applications.
instructors can follow up on questions, and document the answers using Questions and Answers. They can assign priority to questions, show the answers in public or in private, as well as share them with others.
Assistants can participate in chat conversations, both public or in private with the instructor other assistants or the whole class.
Polls, Assistant's Comments and Attention Indicator
The instructors can recieve comments from one or more polls during the sessions, and instantly present the results to share it with the class. The students can also "raise their hands", and a system will automatically order these petitions, so that the instructors can answer them in order. Instructors can measure individual attention, and that of the whole group, using the visual attention indicator.
Lab Practices with Cisco WebEx
This function offers the paticipants safe access to remote PCs, so that you can practice what you've learned. These lab sessions can be done during online live sessions, or on demand.
Integrated Test Engine
Instructors can measure the efficiency of the class by giving the students tests, before, during or after the live sessions, and present different kinds of tests, like multiple choice tests, true or false tests, blank space tests or essay tests. The instructors can make use of an automated grading system, generating reports and SCORM implementation, as well as storing an reusing tests for other sessions.
Recording and Reproduction
The instructors can record and save the sessions to reuse them and analyze them with the integrated recording capacity of the system. Furthermore, they can transmit these recordings of live sesions and put them on the Web so that the sturdents can always replay them as they need them. These recordings capture all the aspects of the sessions, like Audio, data, Videos and Annotations.
Either as an exercise in the On Demand courses, or as a practice during the Live Courses, the students can access a lab based on the secure access of remote equipment, which has been completly optimized for that used. The first time you access this, will require the installation of the WebEx plugin, as explained before. For more details on the whole process, passwords, etc, download the document here